Social responsibility

Fulfill social responsibility:

1: The company plans the charitable donation budget every year. After checking and verifying that the charitable and public welfare service items of the public welfare units meet the expected objectives of the company, they will be included in the subsidy allocation objects, so as to fulfill the obligations of social citizens and give back to the society.

2: The company's quality management, green energy conservation, safety and health, environmental protection, social responsibility, etc. have complete regulatory requirements, in line with the inspection standards and meet the long-term planning of sustainable development.


3: Conflict minerals policy

Winsok is committed to social responsibility, respecting human rights, upholding world peace, paying close attention to the conflict minerals dispute, and making efforts to investigate the supply chain in detail to ensure gold (AU), tantalum (TA), tin (SN), tungsten (W) For metals not derived from armed conflict, illegal mining and poor working environment, they explicitly ask suppliers to prohibit the use of the above-mentioned conflict minerals, and jointly shoulder corporate social and environmental responsibilities through responsible purchasing behavior.


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